Selected Media Coverage of Our Work


UNC researcher helped shape new FDA regulations on e-cigarettes: a WRAL TV news story highlighting comments on new restrictions on the sale of e-cigarettes

Study: North Carolina Minors Have Easy Online Access to E-Cigs: a North Carolina Health News story highlighting our work

Teens have easy access to e-cigarettes online: an NBC video story highlighting our study.

UNC Study: Teens can easily buy e-cigarettes online despite age restrictions: a Fox News story highlighting our study.

UNC Study: Minors Easily Buy E-Cigarettes Online: a National Public Radio story featuring ITV PI Rebecca Williams.


Presentations by Our Team

Rebecca Williams

Q&A with Principal Investigator Rebecca Williams: A conversation about lessons from nearly two decades studying the online sales of tobacco products.


Under the Cyber Radar: Addressing Youth Access to E-Cigs and Tobacco Online: Rebecca Williams discusses actions that states and the federal government have taken in an attempt to curb illegal sales of e-cigarette and tobacco products to minors by online vendors. The presentation by Dr. Williams starts about halfway through the recording.

Doing More Real-World and Relevant Tobacco Control Policy Research: a video presentation by ITV co-PI Kurt Ribisl at the Annenberg School for Communication (University of Pennsylvania).

Kurt Ribsl speaks about options for regulating the online sale of tobacco products.


Relevant Webinars from the William Mitchell College of Law

September 20, 2017: From Canada to California: Building Momentum on Menthol Restrictions. A discussion of local menthol tobacco restrictions and related legal and regulatory issues.

June 6, 2017: The Federal Government and Tobacco Control: The Immediate Future and Beyond. Speakers discuss the federal political climate and the implications for tobacco control.

January 18, 2017: Tobacco & Trade: An Update on Global Tobacco Trade Litigation. An overview of the latest tobacco trade and investment litigation, including the recent dismissal of a case brought by Philip Morris against the government of Uruguay seeking compensation for damages caused by the nation’s tobacco control measures.

October 18, 2016: U.S. v. Philip Morris: The Big Win Against Big Tobacco. Experts present an overview of this seminal court case and its impacts.

September 13, 2016: Clearing the Clouds: Demystifying the Vape Shop. A webinar about retail stores specializing in e-cigarettes, and potential policy options for regulating them.

July 26, 2016: News from the Front: State and Local Regulation of E-Cigarettes – Legislation and Advocacy. A discussion of the policy landscape and regulatory gaps in the wake of the FDA deeming rule.

May 31, 2016: You’ll Have to Wait a Little Bit Longer: Practical Support and Policy Considerations for Tobacco 21 Laws. A discussion of the legal and other implications of raising the legal age to purchase tobacco and related products.

May 19, 2016: The Deeming Rule Explained: What the Public Health Community Needs to Know. Attorneys discuss the implications of the FDA’s decision to begin regulating e-cigarettes, cigars, and other tobacco products.

April 27, 2016: Under the Cyber Radar: Addressing Youth Access to E-Cigs and Tobacco Online. This webinar, featuring ITV researcher Rebecca Williams, discusses actions that states and the federal government have taken in an attempt to curb illegal sales of e-cigarette and tobacco products to minors by online vendors. The presentation by Dr. Williams starts about halfway through the recording.

February 24, 2016: Regulating Menthol Tobacco Products: The Current Policy Landscape. Two case studies are explored in this webinar on litigation and federal regulations related to the sale and use of menthol and other tobacco flavors.

December 10, 2015: Covering Tobacco Cessation Treatment: Why the New Federal Recommendation is a Big Deal for Smokers. A discussion of the significance of the updated U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) recommendation regarding tobacco cessation treatment and what it means for insurance coverage.

October 7, 2015: Tribal Tobacco Control and the Law. A discussion of the use and sale of tobacco products by Native American communities and the legal framework for tobacco taxing and control.

October 6, 2015: Tobacco & Trade: A Global Effort to Undermine Public Health. An overview of the controversy over tobacco in international trade and the impact of free-trade tobacco on global public health.

March 26, 2015: Taxing E-Cigarettes: The Next (Complicated) Frontier. A discussion of the surprisingly complex policy considerations involved in e-cigarette taxation.

February 12, 2015: E-Cigs, Etc.: Policy Options for Regulating Nicotine Delivery Devices. An overview of the national regulatory landscape regarding e-cigarettes and related devices.


Relevant FDA Tobacco Compliance Webinars


FDA’s Import Operations: How FDA Regulates Imported Products: An overview of the import process and regulations and laws relevant to importers of tobacco products.

Internet and Publication Surveillance: A webinar on FDA’s Internet and publication surveillance, Warning Letters and compliance actions that result from this surveillance.

Special Webinar: Final “Deeming Rule” – All Tobacco Products Subject to the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act. This webinar provides an overview of the FDA’s regulatory authority over tobacco products. Find related webinars here for coverage of new regulatory requirements for vape shops, tobacco retailers, and manufacturers and importers.


September 2, 2015: Determination of the Period Covered by a No-tobacco-sale Order (NTSO) and Compliance with an Order. This webinar covers recent guidance for issuing and complying with an NTSO.

March 24, 2015 – Demonstrating the Substantial Equivalence of a New Tobacco Product: Responses to Frequently Asked Questions. This webinar helps manufacturers determine when a tobacco product must be considered “new” and thus requires new approval.


October 29, 2014 – Update on Substantial Equivalence Reports, and a discussion of the recently published final guidance on grandfathered tobacco products. This webinar covers how to demonstrate that a tobacco product was commercially marketed in the United States as of February 15, 2007.

September 23, 2014 – Compliance Training for Retailers and Small Businesses – Other Media Notifications. This webinar discusses tobacco advertising restrictions to protect children under 18.

August 2014 – Draft Guidance – Substantial Equivalence Reports: Manufacturer Requests for Extensions or to Change the Predicate Tobacco Product. This webinar offers information regarding changes to guidance pertaining to tobacco products.

May 29, 2014 – Deeming Tobacco Products To Be Subject to the Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, as Amended by the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act; Regulations on the Sale and Distribution of Tobacco Products and Required Warning Statements for Tobacco Products. This webinar presents a discussion of the proposed regulation to deem “hookah, e-cigarettes, cigars, pipe tobacco, novel tobacco products, and tobacco products that may be developed in the future“ as a tobacco product and regulated as such.


December 9, 2013 – Guidance for Industry on Compliance with Regulations Restricting the Sale and Distribution of Cigarettes and Smokeless Tobacco To Protect Children and Adolescents. This webinar discusses the August 2013 Compliance document regarding marketing all tobacco products, including e-cigarettes, to children.

September 25, 2013 – Compliance Training for Retailers: Announcement of Availability of Compliance Training Video for Tobacco Retailer.

September 12, 2013 – Training for Retailers: Frequently Asked Questions. In this webinar, CTP answered some of the frequently asked questions received in the Center over the last few months.

September 5, 2013 – Compliance Training for Retailers: Guidance for Industry: Tobacco Retailer Training Programs.

May 15, 2013 – Compliance Training for Retailers – “Update on the Potential Tobacco Product Violations Reporting Form”

April 10, 2013 – Compliance Training for Small Businesses – “Substantial Equivalence – An Update”
Update on Review of Substantial Equivalence Reports (SE Reports).